Sullivan says he hasn't thought about investigating Trump's campaign finances

Alaska Sen. Dan Sullivan is one of eight GOP senators questioned by Vox who isn't interested in digging into the allegations against President Trump made by his former attorney, Michael Cohen.

This is no surprise.

Sullivan, who never has a bad word to say about President Trump, is not going to cross the leader of his party, co-conspirator or not.

Sullivan says he hasn't had time to think about this, which is what you say when you have had time to think, but don't want to say anything. Time is not the issue.

And his claim that he was so focused on the Tuesday primary in Alaska that he couldn't sort out the implications of Cohen's claims? The primary was not that interesting.

Had a former attorney for President Obama ever gone to court and testified to breaking the law under instructions from the boss, Sullivan would be demanding a Senate investigation.

Vox said reporter Tara Golshan  and a reporter from the Weekly Standard took part in this exchange:

Tara Golshan: I wanted to ask if you think there’s a role for the Senate to investigate Michael Cohen’s claim that the president was a co-conspirator on campaign finance violations.
Dan Sullivan: Look, the process is playing out, I’m going to be engaged on this on the judiciary side, but there’s a lot of investigations going on right now. I’ll get back to you on whether I think that’s a good idea, but my initial reaction is the Senate is pretty engaged right now on these issues, with Mueller.
Tara Golshan: The Russia investigation aside, though — just the campaign finance violations — do you think that’s serious enough to merit its own investigation?
Dan Sullivan: I don’t know. I haven’t thought about that.
Haley Byrd, the Weekly Standard: If the allegations are true ... should the president resign?
Dan Sullivan: Look, last night I was focused on Alaska’s elections, so I’ll get back to you with all your great questions on the breaking news right now, which you guys are really good at doing.
Tara Golshan: I mean, from the headlines, do you find it serious?
Dan Sullivan: Yes, it’s serious. But I’m not going to answer every hypothetical posed by the media right now. Including that one.

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