Donald Trump and his elitist attitude

On the day that his former campaign manager and his former lawyer became felons, the leader of the Republican Party ranted about exploding windmills and pipelines and a great deal of other nonsense.

President Trump took time during his disjointed West Virginia airing of grievances to claim to be a victim, offering a glimpse of his elite envy. Sure, he likes to call his fans the "super elite," but he's really talking about himself.

"I always hate when they say, 'Well, the elite decided not to go to something I'm doing.' Right. The elite. I say, well, I have a lot more money than they do. I have a much better education than they have. I'm smarter than they are. I have many much more beautiful homes than they do. I have a better apartment at the top of Fifth Avenue. Why the hell are they the elite?"

This is the man who can count on the support of Sens. Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan, Rep. Don Young and the Alaska Republican Party.


Dermot Cole2 Comments