Better to have Dick Randolph's picture in the governor's mansion than his ideas in the Constitution

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The latest in State Farm Insurance man Dick Randolph’s series of letters that he has nothing more to say about the Cole Brothers compares us to his old friends Niccolo Machiavelli and Saul Alinsky. He tops it off by mentioning Clinton and Obama.

“I’m done trading barbs with the Cole brothers,” Dick now promises.

He promised this a couple of weeks ago: “This will be my last response to columnist Dermot Cole’s out-of-context exaggerated name-calling, cherry picking misrepresentations and attempts at character assassination.”

I can’t wait to read his future final words on his name-dropping tour. Dick sprinkles everyone from Barry Sanders to Karl Marx and the Koch Brothers into his claims that we support suffering, misery and death. And that we hate freedom.

Meanwhile, a painting of Dick has been given to Gov. Mike Dunleavy to place in the governor’s mansion, according to a Facebook post by Mike Chambers, who painted Dick for the occasion. Dick is Gov. Mike Dunleavy’s “constitutional adviser,” an unpaid position in which he advises Dunleavy about the “awful” Alaska Constitution.

One thing’s for sure. It’s better to have Dick’s picture in the governor’s mansion than to have Dick’s ideas in the Alaska Constitution.

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