Average Alaskans love his budget, Dunleavy claims to statewide radio audience

The hundreds of people who have shown up in meetings across the state to complain about extreme budget cuts aren’t representative of average Alaskans, the governor claims.

He said on Talk of Alaska Tuesday that real “average” Alaskans don’t have time to go to meetings. I don’t know if the hundreds of people who have shown up are below or above average in Dunleavy’s view.

He has perfected a style of oratory in which he talks as fast as possible and as long as possible while saying as little as possible.

He’s not interested in listening, but in talking, which is reflected in the structure of the Koch Network/Dunleavy budget roadshow.

"A lot of the folks you see coming to these meetings are associated with many of the reductions that we're talking about,” he said on the statewide public radio broadcast. “I talk to folks every day, average Alaskans that don't have the time to take off work, they're in the private sector. They are supportive of us getting this budget under control. They are supportive of the reductions.

“730,000 people in the state of Alaska. There are hundreds of people going to these meetings. That's a small, that's a small number compared to the overall population. So again, we keep talking to folks, average person on the street. We're getting support for where we're going. We understand that there are groups that don't support it and we understand why because in some of our budget reductions they're going to be impacted. But we understand that."

I think I understand. That's the Dunleavy Reality Distortion Field speaking from deep within the Babcock Bubble.

Dermot Cole21 Comments