Dunleavy claims that like Trump, he is 'swamp' victim

Gov. Mike Dunleavy, who has dropped the pretense that his anti-recall political group is independent, compares himself to President Trump and claims they both made the “fatal error” of helping average people, instead of “kowtowing” to special interests.

“And so this is what you get when you fight on behalf of the average American, the average Alaskan,” he complained in an interview with the ultra-right-wing website Breitbart. He said he would not give up.

“I wouldn’t change a thing, and I think if you asked President Trump he wouldn’t change a thing.”

In fact, Dunleavy has changed many of his positions, but he is incapable of admitting it.

He reversed himself on $150 million of vetoes in state operations, responding to the recall campaign that gathered nearly 50,000 signatures in August.

In Dunleavy’s imagination, he is facing a recall for the same reasons that Trump is facing impeachment. Breitbart is all about promoting Trump and Dunleavy laid it on thick about being in a simpatico situation with the stable genius.

“Basically the bottom line is this, just like the president, he wasn’t supposed to win. He was not within the establishment. He was not part of the swamp. And what people fail to realize is that President Trump and what we’re trying to do up here, is we’re trying to work on behalf of the average American, average Alaskan, not necessarily special interests.”

“And it’s those special interests that want to redo the election here in Alaska and are looking at trying to impeach the president nationally. And so, we made the fatal error, I guess, Matt, of doing things for our people—the average American, the average Alaskan—and not kowtowing to the establishment or the special interests,” he continued.

“And so, the fight’s on. They want to try and do a recall or redo the election. We’re up to the task because we believe that what we’re doing is the right thing for Alaska just like the president does for the nation.”

Dunleavy plugged his campaign site and said people who want to help him “can go to our website, we just put the website up, standtallwithmike.com.” He hasn’t put his name on the registration paperwork filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission for Stand Tall With Mike.

According to Dunleavy, Alaskans who opposed his budget cuts to the ferry system, education or the university are part of the “swamp.”

“But the folks who are tied into as you would say the swamp—the folks who are tied into government spending—didn’t like this at all,” said Dunleavy, who promised as a candidate to not cut the ferry system, schools, the University of Alaska or the Pioneer Homes or anything else of substance.

If he keeps this up, the recall movement is only going to get stronger.

Dermot Cole16 Comments