Someone is lying about Art Chance's sudden departure from the Dunleavy administration

This is not a guy who volunteered to quit.

When Art Chance was dumped by the Dunleavy administration Thursday, the governor’s spokesman, Matt Shuckerow, said, “Art Chance declined to accept his offer of employment today.”

Perhaps they gave him an offer he couldn’t refuse—act as if you did this on your own.

But Chance can’t help himself. On Friday, he took to the Republican Party unofficial blog to complain about the administration that had deposited him on the curb.

“If they panicked from a third rate blogger criticizing them, just wait until it is the banks and merchants criticizing them,” Chance said.

He blamed his demise on blogger Jeff Landfield, who had the gall to publicize Chance’s history of vitriol. Landfield offered a detailed post on his blog, the Alaska Landmine.

Landfield wrote that Chance had taken to Facebook many times with rants “In which he regularly tells people to ‘fuck’ themselves and threatens to ‘fuck’ the wives or girlfriends of people he disagrees with.”

Landfield did a public service. That Tuckerman Babcock, the governor’s chief of staff, or anyone else thought that Chance deserved a state job is unbelievable. It’s funny now that the governor’s office won’t claim credit for offering a job to Chance.

There is no chance that the decision for hire him and then fire him did not involve the governor’s office. Someone is lying and someone is tone deaf.

Certain diplomatic skills are required in government work, even for guys like Chance who have nice state pensions.

(Chance calls Landfield “Mr. Speedo,” because of the incident during the Walker administration when Landfield’s appointment to a state panel was derailed in part because of Facebook photos of Landfield in a Speedo. Landfield has the physique of the great Curly Howard.)

Here is what Chance said on the Republican mouthpiece about losing his job with Dunleavy:

Mr. Speedo had a good day yesterday. What he left out of his screed was the comments I was responding to. Lefties believe that the insults, accusations, and insinuations that they freely hurl at anyone who doesn’t accept their catechism are merely speaking the truth so they’re OK. I give as good as I take and I have a long way to go to catch up with the lefties in the name-calling and insults game, though I may be a bit more clever and creative at it than most of them; they tend to be rather sophomoric.

What is going to be interesting is to see how this Administration that so many pinned their hopes on handles dealing with real opposition. This was just a mau-mau operation from a third rate blog with at most a few hundred readers. It got picked up by the more leftist side of the MSM in Alaska because they’ll run with anything that might damage a Republican. Wait until you see what the media does if the Administration actually tries to cut the budget or if the Legislature fails or refuses to fund one of the Walker 11th hour agreements with the unions. Or if they do fund them, the more likely option, then the Governor can’t keep his promise to restore the Dividend. The Administration and the Legislature can’t do both; they can’t keep the unions quiet and restore they Dividend without quickly exhausting the State’s savings and Permanent Fund earnings.

If the Governor and the Legislature do begin to cut the budget, they run out of cutting waste, fraud, and abuse very quickly. Then cuts have to come from increasing organizational efficiency and that means layoffs. If they panicked from a third rate blogger criticizing them, just wait until it is the banks and merchants criticizing them. The job that pays you sixty or eighty thousand a year in government doesn’t exist in the private sector and a laid off government employee is an entry-level employee in the private sector. The best you can hope for if laid off from most government jobs is being able to trade your blue suit for a blue vest and that sort of job won’t make the mortgage and car payments. We are destined to live in interesting times.

Dermot Cole5 Comments