Young calls himself the "adult in the room" on his ads

On one of his radio ads, Rep. Don Young claims to be the “adult in the room” in his campaign against challenger Alyse Galvin.

The 85-year-old Young may claim to be the paragon of maturity, but he didn’t act in a adult manner a year ago when he voted to explode the federal deficit and grant a giant corporate tax cut that mainly benefits the wealthiest people and institutions in the country.

Young has offered various lofty claims about the impact of the tax cut on Alaskans and now charges that Galvin’s opposition to the giveaway would cost each Alaskan $2,300. The deficit has exploded, Young doesn’t have a solution and his defense of the tax scam is growing less convincing by the month.

Galvin isn’t claiming to be the adult in the room, but her comments that the enormous unfunded tax cut creates a serious financial risk are far more responsible than Young’s.

By the way, the photo with this blog entry is from 2014 when Young walked on the House floor as a fellow representative spoke on a measure to honor a Marine from New Jersey killed in Afghanistan. As others spoke about naming a post office in honor of the deceased, Young stuck his fingers in his ears and wiggled at someone out of view of the C-SPAN camera.

As I wrote at the time, I don’t think that Young intended to show disrespect, but he did. He seemed to be unaware of what was going on.

Dermot ColeComment