Ohio GOP lawmakers want to make Denali great again. 'Call it McKinley again.'

Eleven Republican Ohio lawmakers say that changing the name of Mt. McKinley to Denali in 2015 was a "political stunt" by former President Obama and are asking President Donald Trump to follow through on his promise that McKinley would be the name on the big fella.

The Obama administration acted "against the will of Congress and unilaterally ordered" the name change. "This action is disrespectful to Ohioans and President McKinley's memory. President William McKinley's memory should not be compromised by a political stunt," they said.

They did this to mark McKinley's birthday, which was not a political stunt, according to the 11.

Alaska had sought to change the name of McKinley for decades, but Ohio congressmen always introduced a bill to keep the name McKinley. There were never any hearings on the bills, but that was enough to stop the federal government from acting on the name change request.

In 2015, Trump said changing the name was a "great insult to Ohio" and he would reverse it. He has not done so.


Dermot Cole4 Comments