A warning from a departing senator to the likes of Murkowski, Sullivan

Sen. Claire McCaskill, defeated in her re-election effort in Missouri, had this to say about Republicans in the Senate who believe the best way to get along with President Trump is to go along.

She offered a pointed warning, in a New Yorker interview, to the likes of Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan and the other Senate Republicans:

“I mean, the danger for my Republican colleagues that know that many of the things that Trump has done are not their values, it’s not the way they see governing. It’s now his party. Period. And I believe there will be a time down the road that some of them will rue the day that they did not speak up more forcefully, did not say, ‘Wait a minute, this idea of using national security as an excuse for a really aggressive trade war with no exit plan—and how about the deficit?’ You know, they’ve just abandoned any attempt. And that is really going to hurt us sooner rather than later because, as interest rates go up, that budget process is going to get more and more difficult.”

Dermot Cole